UKHC 2018

In 2018 I got invited to present at the UK Hypnosis Convention. The topic was :

“the use of  active alert hypnosis  when working with hyperactive kids”

This is a topic that really interested me from the beginning. How can we help a hyperactive child ( or any other child with concentration issues ) to get better control over their symptoms?
There musst be more options for a family than medication.

To me body activity in combination with hypnosis does make a lot of sense as beging active totally fits most kids´needs. And hypnosis can help us to get back control over our emotions. So it is a perfect fit.

The talk went well and I got great feedback. If you are interested in some more information please read here :

PDF – PDF – Presentation

Here are also some of the links I reffend to during my presentation:

—The Bike Decks used in Canadian schools:

Schools in the UK get their students to move   —
a great hypnosis app:   —
and in english: