active-alert hypnosis

What is active-alert hypnosis?

When thinking of a hypnotic state most people will think of a sleep like and very relaxed state with focused attention.

Active-alert hypnosis is a hypnotic state achieved through physical activity. Therefore it´s totally different from what most people expect hypnosis to feel like. As you reach the hypnotic state while you are physically active on a stationary bike, keep your eyes open and receive suggestions of alertness – the active-alert hypnosis is a very energetic experience. Especially as you keep your eyes open a  completely new area of use opens up e.g. sports or high speed learning activities .

Hypnosis in has been around for more than 200 years , but science has yet to fully explain how it actually happens. Active-alert hypnosis on the other hand has a very scientific background. It has been developed in the 1970ies by Dr. Éva Bányai in Hungary and at Stanford University.   Dr. Éva Bányai was convinced that hypnosis had nothing to do with sleep, and therefore could be induced alertly. She developed a standardized induction that involved open eyes, did not mention relaxation or sleep but suggested alertness, attentiveness and freshness. This is how we still work with it today.

Getting into the flow

I am a hypnotherapist located in the area close to Winterthur and I am focused on working with adults and kids using active-alert hypnosis. I truly belive that physical excercise helps you want to change patterns in your life or overcome fears. This is why I use active-alert hypnosis with all my sessions with kids and also with most of the sessions with adults.

I might not be a native speaker but I have been an expat in Asia for some time and will therefor be the perfect therapist for you or your kids when you are an expat family looking for an english speaking therapist and struggle with anything related to

  • school issues
  • hyperactivity
  • sleeping issues
  • fears
  • insecurities or
  • making yourself feel at home after moving to Switzerland

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